Why You Need Me

Dealing with the difficulties that life throws at you and finding the time or motivation to exercise is a never ending battle. You have a decision to make and the decision you make directly affects your health. Listed below is why you can't afford not to hire me.

  • 69 % of the adult population is overweight with reports  showing that 36% of the population is obese! Individuals who are obese often suffer from cardiovascular disease the number one reported cause of death in the United States. 

  • The Adult population is estimated to approximately double in the near future. Loss of muscle, nerve function, and bone density can lead to falls and a decreased quality of life. Exercising regularly now, when you are young, can prevent this from happening too soon! 

  • Post menopausal women should expect to lose between 1-2% of their bone mineral density every year. Individuals who participate regularly in resistance training can reduce the effects of osteoporosis  and increase their bone mineral density by approximately 1-2%


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Personal Training

In-home personal training puts you on the highway to a healthier and fitter you. I will personally coach and assist you on your journey to becoming more in tune with your body. Each session is fully customizable and will aim to strengthen any areas of concern, improve your cardiovascular endurance, or help prevent any chronic health conditions from progressing.


In-home group training is a great way to get fit! Grab a couple of friends and start going through a series of exercises where fitness and fun collide. I promise you with the right group of friends and the proper attitude I can help you and your group achieve your fitness goals!

Areas Of Expertise

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In-home personal training is the ultimate service a fitness professional can offer. We travel directly to your door and create a customized exercise program based on your fitness goals and needs. Whatever your exercise goal is we can help you set goals, stay motivated, and give you the knowledge to succeed. Get FIT today!

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Lets lose weight! We will create a customized exercise program for you that will burn an enormous amount of calories. We will constantly vary the exercise routine as well so you never get bored of doing the same exercise over and over again. Commit yourself to a healthier diet and work with us at least 3 times a week to see great results!

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Group Training allows you to workout with all of your friends and get into terrific shape while having more fun than ever. Working out in groups has been proven to increase exercise motivation, adherence, and sport amongst members of the exercise group. Get moving with your pals and save money while you are at it! Contact us today!

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Give your child the best chance to succeed in their sports of choice! Conditioning takes hard work, patience, and the right workout protocolls. We have the workouts to get your daughter or son into amazing shape giving them the edge they need to succeed. Sports are competitive in the Fairfield County area and you should do everything for them to help them achieve their goals.

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Strength Training can be tough to figure out. What are you specifically looking to achieve? The sport you play, the activities of daily living that are challenging you, the work environment you need to prepare for all can influence your strength training routine. Make sure a professional creates a customized program to maximize YOUR results!

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Research has shown that regular exercise increases longevity. All older adults should be guided in the development of a personalized physical activity plan that meets their needs and personal preferences. Worried about a potential injury? We will build up your strength before pushing you too hard to make sure that you get into great shape while staying safe.

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There is a science behind increasing your muscle size. Knowing and understanding how to apply this information is fundamental in reaching your goals as quickly as possible. Don't second guess your workouts any more and see for yourself what hard work and science can do when combined to create the ultimate lifting routine!

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Do you feel stiff frequently or even all the time? Flexibility can be described as moving our muscles and joints throughout our bodies full range of motion. We can give you a flexibility program that can help you no longer feel stiff and also protect your body from any future muscle pulls, tears, and postural issues. Contact us to feel better today!

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Pump your heart rate up and strengthen your muscles at the same time. You’ll move through 8-10 stations to work different muscle groups with little rest between stations. Each station has a different exercise. You’ll do about 10-25 reps at each station, lasting between 30 seconds and 3 minutes.

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Chronic Diseases affect millions of people in this country. Every disease is unique and every individual is affected by their disease differently. We have the expertise to work with individuals who suffer from arthritis, cancer, cerebral palsy, diabetes, dyslipidemia, fibromyalgia, hypertension, intellectual disabilities, metabolic syndrome, and many other chronic conditions.

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"I want to work out my arms but I don't want to make my arms big and bulky." Rest assured we know how to get your body into great shape while avoiding putting on too much muscle size. Toning your muscles and getting those lean arms and legs is a science. With workout protocolls backed by the latest research I can get you looking better than ever!

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Injuries are painful and if severe enough can limit your lifestyle. Many of our clients have been worried in the past about reinjuring themselves. In contrast to what many believe, exercise is usually the best prescription to make sure that nothing damages the target area again. Take your health seriously and contact a professional today!

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Are you new to exercise? Working out is fun, rewarding, and tough! That is why you are going to want to hire an expert to help you on form, exercise routine, and exercise progression. In the beginning it helps to hire a trainer to guide you through a complete exercise program that will target all of the muscles of the body to transition you from a beginner to an expert!

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Regular exercise during pregnancy provides health benefits to both the mother and child. Exercise has the ability to reduce conditions associated with being pregnant such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Knowing if you are healthy enough to participate in physical activity is vitally important. Don't risk your childs health, CONTACT US today!

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In-home personal training





"Tim was a very professional and approachable trainer. He provided us with very personalized training, even though it was for both of us, but he prepared customized training exercise sets for each of us. We wanted to get our bodies toned from these sessions, and we got what we wanted at the end of the training. We would definitely recommend Tim to anyone whose looking for a personal trainer, and we would go back to Tim if we decide to have personal trainer again."


Personal Results May Vary

Michael and Rui

"Provides customized workouts which are suited to my needs. He is timely and well equipped to support my workouts as I have no equipment. It has kept me motivated and made a huge impact on my overall well being."

Personal Results May Vary

Bruce L

Mike and Peggy H

"Tim has been working with my husband and I twice a week for about a month. He has been great. He is attentive to our needs and reliable for our early morning sessions. My husband has made good progress with Tim. I had already been working out with another personal trainer in a group session and Tim's approach is very similar to this other trainer who I also like."

Personal Results May Vary

Alexandra P

"I've been working with Tim for a few months now and am down 30 pounds. Tims great sense of humor, positive demeanor and knowledge of nutrition, exercise and fitness training are complimented by his honesty and commitment to each and everyones success in his sessions.

I would not hesitate to recommend Tim for any future personal training sessions and am pleased to say that he would be an asset to anybody's fitness program."


Personal Results May Vary

Training with Tim has been just the motivation I needed to get back into a regular exercise routine. It doesn't get more convenient than working out at home! Tim brings all his own equipment, is always on time, and delivers challenging and varied workouts. He even follows up via texts and emails throughout the week to provide encouragement to help me stay on track!

Michelle N

Personal Results May Vary

"Tim is a terrific trainer. He listens and adjusts my workouts to my lifestyle. Working hard to keep me from giving up all together. He is extremely knowledgeable and incredibly patient. I have never liked 'working out' and he is finding ways to keep me on track which is huge! My goal is to make fitness a part of my life in a natural way that I will be able to continue forever. He is helping me achieve my goals and I couldn't be happier!"

Personal Results May Vary

Linda K

Tim has been my weekly in home personal trainer for the past year. He is always prompt, ready to go with a different and new rigorous session to help me stay fit. Tim has helped me work on strength and cardio training that keeps my body and fitness abilities improving month after month. I highly recommend Tim for your personal training needs.

Deirdre E


Personal Results May Vary